Remarks on the New Journal, The Journal of Thomas Jefferson’s Life and Times

​The Colonnade Club
University of Virginia
October 15, 2017

Garrett Ward Sheldon
Chairman, Editorial Advisory Board

This journal is a new venture of The Thomas Jefferson Heritage Society to bring serious scholarship on our Founder in one publication.
The first issue, which we have presented to you, was on Jefferson’s multifaceted personality and accomplishments. It includes essays on his views on law, religious freedom, nature, history, and science. Mr. Jefferson was truly a “Renaissance Man.” The introduction by our editor, M. Andrew Holowchak, summarizes Jefferson’s many interests, including art, politics, ethics, philosophy, science, agriculture, economics, music and architecture. As my old friend, Professor Thompson of the Government Department, use to say, “If you can’t find something interesting in Jefferson, you probably can’t find anything interesting anywhere.”

Future issues of the Journal will cover specific topics on Jefferson. Next month we will present an entire Journal on The University of Virginia: “The Academical Village” as he called it, in preparation for the celebration of the bicentennial of “Mr. Jefferson’s University” in Charlottesville. Then we will have editions devoted to women; Republican government, science and the American Revolution. By looking at individual topics related to Jefferson through several articles in a single journal, we will see the depth and breadth of his mind and life.

The Thomas Jefferson Heritage Society is a small group dedicated to preserving and promoting Jeffersonian principles. We are grateful for any support you can give.

Jefferson’s principles are America’s principles; freedom of speech and press; democracy; religious liberty, economic freedom; academic freedom, progress. They are what make our country special, and the envy of the world.

We at the Jefferson Heritage Society strive to keep them alive and flourishing.

Thank you for your interest and involvement.

Architectural historian and UVa professor Richard Guy Wilson (above and below) gives visitors a tour of Pavilion VII as well as a fascinating account of the history of the buildings around the lawn.
Jefferson's Pavilion VII (below), which today houses the Colonnade Club.
Professor M. Andrew Holowchak (journal editor) with Professor Garrett Ward Sheldon (Advisory Board Chair) just outside of the Collonade Club.
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