About the Journal

The Thomas Jefferson Heritage Society is proud to introduce its new peer-reviewed journal: The Journal of Thomas Jefferson’s Life and Times. A theme-based journal—each being devoted to one particular theme—it will be published semiannually (May and November). It publishes articles by scholars from a wide range of disciplines—e.g., history, philosophy, education, religious studies, social sciences, and political science—in an effort to gain a greater understanding of Thomas Jefferson and the time in which he lived.

Each issue will include a feature essay (by invitation only) on a particular theme (3,750–6,250 words or 15–25 pages), followed by critical responses to that feature essay (by invitation only, and each, 500–750 words or 2–3 pages, and a number of other essays (anyone encouraged to submit) related to the theme (2,500–5,000 words or 10–20 pages). We also encourage submission of book reviews (250–1,000 words or 1–4 pages) on any book (recent books especially) related to Jefferson and his time. Other features will include letters to the editor, an editorial, and a calendar of events. Guidelines for submissions will be published in each issue and can also be found on this webpage, under submissions.

The Journal of Thomas Jefferson’s Life and Times is not interested in articles by authors with a political slant—e.g., revisionists intent on putting Jefferson in his place, apologists intent on sanctifying Jefferson, or presentists intent on using contemporary political or moral standards to evaluate Jefferson—but instead focuses on evidence-based scholarship, where all available relevant evidence is used to defend a thesis. We require not merely original scholarship, but critical scholarship, and thus we require authors to have sufficient critical engagement with the secondary literature.


Themes for upcoming editions will be the following:
Vol. 1, Ed. 1: A Man of Many Interests and Talents, Apr. 2017
Vol. 1. Ed. 2: Jefferson’s “Academical Village,” Nov. 2017

Vol. 2. Ed. 1: Jefferson and Women, Apr. 2018
Vol. 2, Ed. 2: Jefferson and the Fine Arts, Nov. 2018

Vol. 3, Ed. 1: Thomas Jefferson's Republicanism, Apr. 2019
Vol. 3. Ed. 2: Jefferson in France, Nov. 2019

​Vol. 4, Ed. 1: Jefferson and the American Revolution, Apr. 2020
​Vol. 4, Ed. 2: Monticello and Poplar Forest, Nov. 2020

​Vol. 5, Ed. 1: Jefferson and Science, Apr. 2021
​Vol. 5, Ed. 2: Thomas Jefferson, Farmer, Nov. 2021

The Journal of Thomas Jefferson’s Life and Times is published by the Thomas Jefferson Heritage Society as an imprint of Commonwealth Books of Virginia.​​
The Thomas Jefferson Heritage Society Journal is published by the Thomas Jefferson Heritage Society
as an imprint of Commonwealth Books of Virginia