Please follow the following instructions, when submitting to TJTJLT:

Use Times New Roman font, single-space the essay, and use two-inch margins all around.

Use footnotes, not endnotes, and include bibliography in footnotes.

Use footnotes sparingly--that is, steer clear of asides in footnotes.

For letters by or to Jefferson and only for letters, merely list the date: e.g., “TJ to William Duane, 1 Jan. 1800.” Do not give the source. E.g., no need to add “Thomas Jefferson: Writings, ed. Merrill D. Peterson (New York: The Library of America, 1984), 793.” There are several readily accessible online sources available to everyone (e.g., Founders). For references to all other writings of Jefferson, give a full citation to the source used.

Most references to Jefferson’s letters to correspondents or letters to Jefferson can be done in-text, with parentheses [e.g., “In a letter to John Adams (13 Aug. 1813), Jefferson said, …”] so as to keep footnotes at a minimum. Use “13 Aug. 1813” and not “August 13, 1813.”

Use m-dashes for dates, not n-dashes. E.g., 156–57 in preference to 156-57.

When referencing a letter of Jefferson or to Jefferson, use “TJ” and not “Jefferson.” That is the scholarly recognized convention: e.g., TJ to John Adams, or John Adams to TJ.

Do not cite multiple sources for a reference. One is sufficient.

When citing journals, use “Vol. 1, No. 1” in preference to “1.1.”
Please submit your essay (as attachment) to and write in subject space “TJ Submission.” I can also be contacted at my webpage,, or at my University of Colorado mailing address,

Essays inconsistent with stylistic guidelines will not be considered, unless reformatted.
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