The Journal’s themes are progressive in the sense that the discussions in earlier issues provide insights into the discussions in later issues. This in mind, we are beginning with two broad concepts, being Jefferson's many talents and interests and Jefferson's vision of his "academic village”.

   Jefferson’s lifelong pursuit of knowledge is one of his most fundamental characteristics. For our purposes, it is a foundation topic because it provides introductions for discussions on a wide number of related areas. The same for Jefferson’s vision for his academic village. It draws attention to his love of knowledge. But it also creates opportunities to discuss how he arranged his own knowledge and how he expected knowledge to benefit his community and mankind in general. These things in mind, the proposed themes of issues of The Journal of Thomas Jefferson's Life and Times are as follows:

Vol. 1: A Man of Many Talents and Interests
Vol. 2: Jefferson’s Academic Village
Vol. 3: Jefferson and the American Revolution
Vol. 4: Jefferson and the Rights of Man
Vol. 5: The Jeffersonian Republic
Vol. 6: Jefferson and Morality
Vol. 7: Science in Jefferson’s Time
Vol. 8: Thomas Jefferson and Wome
Vol. 9: Jefferson’s Notes on the State of Virginia
Vol. 10: Jefferson in France
Vol. 11: Jefferson and Slavery
Vol. 12: Jefferson and Madison
Vol. 13: The Election of 1800
Vol. 14: Jefferson’s Enemies
Vol. 15: The Lewis & Clark Expedition
Vol. 16: Thomas Jefferson - Architect
Vol. 17: Monticello and Retirement
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